The 2017 Lancer Evo Now Comes with Apple CarPlay

For all you Apple owners out there, there’s a reason to rejoice concerning the new Lancer Evolution. It’s actually coming with a trim model that will make it possible to get Apple CarPlay in the vehicle so you can take advantage of all the connectivity. You just have to go for the Lancer Limited Edition or the trim level just above the base. It’s actually pretty affordable and is a good investment if you want the extras without paying a fortune for them.

Enjoy the Tech Goodies

By going for the Limited Edition Lancer Evo you get both Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto, both firsts for the Lancer. Up until now if you wanted those two tech goodies you had to invest in the Mirage or the Outlander, which did nothing for the car guys out there looking for an option for the Lancer. The 6.5” infotainment unit solves all of those issues and opens up a whole new set of features for 2017 Lancer owners.

Not only does the special trim level on the Lancer bring tech goodies, but it comes with some aesthetic enhancements such as badging and an upscale interior, and it does all this at an affordable price point as well.

The upscale trim model comes with a bunch of black accents that really add to the aggression factor. It features the roof, fender trim, door mirrors, grill trim and the wheels themselves are all painted black, which looks pretty cool if you ask us.

A Low Cost Upgrade

If you decide that you’re interested in the Lancer EVO Limited Edition, you’ll only have to pay about $2,000 more than you would for the base model. That means you’ll still be under 20k on the purchase, making it very affordable for most new car buyers. You can pick up a better version of the Lancer with more tech, and you’ll be happy to report that the price still comes in lower than many other mid-sized sedans on the market today.

The Limited Edition Lancer EVO isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking at the base model you should strongly consider spending the extra two grand for the next trim level up, because you get quite a lot for your money.


The New Eclipse Crossover is Just the Start

The Mitsubishi Eclipse crossover that we talked about earlier this month, could be the start of a new chapter at Mitsubishi according to Hiroshi Yamauchi, the C&D director for Mitsubishi. Not only does the Eclipse cross represent an exciting new step for the company with a performance crossover, it could also open up the door for more models in the future. That’s right, if the Eclipse does well, it’s possible that Mitsubishi will release additional models in the future, and there are some pretty cool ideas thaht they’ve been bouncing around already.

More Power and Racing Performance

The Ralliart brand is dying down a bit, but there are still some high-performance vehicles produced and sold by Mitsubishi under the Ralliart brand. In the future it’s possible that a Ralliart Exclipse crossover will be sold to the public. It would be built from more durable components and fitted with a more powerful engine. The Ralliart setup and emphasis on power and strength would go very well with the Eclipse crossover, making an even more compelling vehicle.

The 3 Door Cross

Another possible model that Yamauchi expressed an interest in releasing was a 3-door version of the eclipse crossover, on top of the standard 5-door version. It would be more compact and focus more on performance than the larger five-door model. It’s something that Yamauchi is very optimistic about, but also something that could only be done if the Eclipse crossover sells in very high numbers. If the crossover sells in high numbers, it’s likely that a few different models will spawn from it, giving you additional exciting options to choose from, and making it possible to get a more niche object than you could have in the very beginning.

While the company is open to the idea of new variants of the crossover, and even excited at future possibilities, leaders remain very reserved about potential future steps that they should take. If you’ve been watching the Eclipse crossover intently, but you wish it was more powerful or smaller, it’s possible that you’ll get your wish later on down the road, you just have to be patient and hope that it sells well to the general public.

Mitsubishi Shows off the Eclipse Crossover

Mitsubishi is bringing back the eclipse name, to the great joy of every Eclipse fan everywhere, but don’t get too excited, it’s not coming back in the shape of a sleek sporty sedan. Instead it will be released in the form of a crossover. Wait what!?!? That’s right, the sedan’s out and the crossover is in.

The decision makes sense in a way if you think about it. After all, crossovers are hot right now, and many more buyers are in the market for a crossover than they are a sporty sedan. That said, it’s still pretty odd that Mitsubishi decided to take the Eclipse name and toss it on a crossover, and it’s going to make some fans mad.


Let’s start with looks. The new Eclipse has a muscular and stout look to it. It doesn’t seem overly large or long, which is nice in a crossover. From the front it has a very nice shape with a sloping rear that’s reminiscent of a coupe. If you’re after a sporty but compact crossover, this is the one for you.


The Eclipse crossover isn’t packed with a ton of power, but it comes with enough to be confident and efficient at the same time. It comes with a 1.5 liter turbo engine connected to a nice smooth CVT. The base power rating is a bit tame, but if you want to make things more interesting there’s a 2.2 liter turbodiesel engine that’s tied to an eight-speed tranny for a whole lot more oomph.

Modern Interior

The Eclipse crossover has a modern interior with sleek and sporty seats and an upscale media setup. It’s spacious enough for five children or four adults. There is ample headroom and legroom both front and back.

The new Eclipse crossover isn’t the most exciting thing that Mitsubishi has ever released, but it’s a good looking vehicle with a lot to offer. It’s sure to sell in great numbers, and will pave the way for more exciting and sportier creations from the company in the future.

The 2017 Outlander Sport Comes with an All New Trim Level

The latest Outlander Sport is very similar to the outgoing model, with just a few changes here and there. One of the biggest updates to the Sport is the Limited Edition trim that’s being offered. This is a middle of the road trim level that’s between the ES and SE trims. It offers some good quality features, and is a good option for buyers looking for more than what the ES offers but that don’t want to pay SE prices. The vehicle also comes packed with an improved media setup that offers added support for apps and special features.


What LE Trim Comes with?

The Limited Edition trim comes with HID headlamps and fog lights for enhanced visibility when driving in dim conditions. It’s fitted with black mirrors, black 18-inch alloy wheels and an alloy fuel door.

The Limited Edition comes packed with a 148 HP 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine coupled with a CVT for smooth performance. It’s powerful enough to offer good solid acceleration and is fun to drive around. If the base performance isn’t enough, it’s possible to upgrade to a 2.4 liter engine with 168 HP instead for a bit more kick.

When you climb inside the LE there’s attractive black fabric with red accenting stitching. A set of aluminum pedals give the car a racing look, and the front seats are heated for added comfort on chilly mornings. The car also comes with support for both Android Auto and Apply Carplay, meaning that it’s easy to enjoy a good media experience with the vehicle.

Enjoy a Cashback Offer

Mitsubishi is currently offering a $1,500 cash back offer for the 2017 Outlander Sport that some buyers are benefitting from. Be sure to ask about it before buying the vehicle yourself. The incentive could help lower the cost of the vehicle even more, making it a better value than it already is.

The Outlander Sport certainly isn’t for everyone, but the 2017 version of the vehicle comes with plenty of improvements and the LE version packs in some nice features that won’t cost you too much to access.

The Outlander PHEV May Soon Come to the US

The Outlander is the top-selling vehicle for Mitsubishi and that fact doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon. Even with that in mind, there’s one version of the Outlander that seems to be getting more love than others, and surprisingly enough that’s the Outlander PHEV in Europe, or the hybrid electric version of the vehicle that’s capable of driving on battery power alone. It’s a capable vehicle, it’s fun to drive and it offers better efficiency levels than most other SUVs of a similar size. Mitsubishi has been hard at work getting this vehicle type ready for the American market, and it’s still finalizing the specs, but there’s a good chance that buyers will enjoy performance similar to what’s being offered in the European market, which is a very solid vehicle overall. Here’s an overview of changes made to the European model, as well as some differences Americans can expect when it’s finally released.

This is the European Model, but an American version is expected to look very similar.
This is the European Model, but an American version is expected to look very similar.

Much Faster off the Line

The old Outlander PHEV felt a bit sluggish when getting up to speed from a standstill. That’s not an issue any longer. The two 60 KWh motors drive the SUV from 0 to 62 two seconds faster than the old model was able to accomplish the task. That’s a huge performance boost, making a more enjoyable to drive SUV.

Hill Braking is Simpler

Starting and stopping on steep hills can be difficult, even when using a vehicle with an automatic transmission.

More Precise Braking

Like most hybrid electric vehicles on the market today, the Outlander PHEV will come with regenerative braking that puts energy back into the battery pack of the vehicle. Unlike most, this vehicle comes with a highly adjustable system that provides just the right amount of resistance every single time. You can switch between level 1 and level 5 braking using braking paddles, giving you varying amounts of resistance

Enhanced Suspension

Minor enhancements to an already capable suspension system create a nice comfortable ride that you’ll enjoy over most types of terrain. The highly capable suspension will work well on the variety of road types in America if the system remains the same when moved over to the states, but there is no guarantee that will be the case.

Differences for Americans

While the European version relies on Diesel, the American version will almost certainly rely on gasoline. The American version is also expected to have a lower all-electric driving range of closer to 20 miles on a single charge. There is also no plan to bring a rapid charger to the US market just yet, but you can believe that one will be added in the future because that’s going to be a highly desirable addition.

Overall the Outlander PHEV is a very exciting vehicle. Hopefully the 2018 model year makes its way to the United States without incident and that it offers most of the nice features that are offered in the European versions of the SUV. If so, it’s likely to be a major success in the states.

The 2017 Mirage G4 is the Most Fuel Efficient Non Hybrid

Mitsubishi just released a variation of its Mirage hatch, creating a compact sedan that has a whole lot of appeal to buyers looking for an affordable vehicle that’s also fuel efficient. It’s a solid competitor to more expensive hybrid vehicles, and offers respectable performance for it’s incredibly low price tag.


Excellent Fuel Efficient

One of the best things about the 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage are its fuel economy figures. It’s actually the most fuel efficient non-hybrid vehicle sold in the United States today. It gets an estimated 39 MPG combined in its most efficient model.

Real World Testing

Reviewers that have put the Mirage through its paces have been happy with the performance and fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Drivers aren’t having any trouble getting mid 30’s or low 40’s while taking the Mirage out for a spin, with highway driving of course being the more efficient option of the bunch.


For such a compact vehicle, the Mirage has enough space to seat four adults comfortably. It’s quite wide within and offers good rear storage as well in its trunk or hatch, depending on the model that you decide on.

Good Stop and Go Acceleration

Many smaller and economical vehicles like the Mirage struggle to accelerate at the low end of the gauge. That’s not the case with the Mirage. It speeds up nicely from 0 to 20 MPH, but you will begin to notice power lag a bit after you pass the 20 mile per hour marker.

Good Value Car

If you’re looking for a car packed with features, or that feels luxurious within, the 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage is not for you. If you’re looking for a good value, this is the type of car that you should be considering. It’s very affordable and is a decent option for buyers that want excellent fuel efficiency without the high price tags of a hybrid car. It’s possible to get the vehicle brand-new at less than $15,000 which is a price point that’s almost unheard of in most modern-day sedans.

If you don’t mind going without some features that you would get in other sedans, the Mirage G4 is a good solid option with excellent fuel efficiency and a low price tag.

A Complete Review of the 2017 Outlander

The 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander is an exciting vehicle and one that many buyers are going to be considering picking up for a few key reasons. It’s roomier than expected, drives like a sedan and offers enough space for even large families. In short, it has a lot more to offer than it first appears.

2017 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
2017 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Driving Mechanics

On paper it’s easy not to expect much out of Mitsubishi’s latest Outlander, but in the real world it’s pretty darned impressive. It’s peppy and can be even a bit touchy from a standstill. This car has speed and will make you feel like you’re driving something smaller than you are, and that’s a good thing. The 2017 Outlander is a fun ride, even if it isn’t the fastest vehicle out on the road.

You won’t expect much out of the 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine, but the all-wheel drive grip helps make the most of that 166 HP and 162 lb.-ft. of torque. It’s capable and something that you’ll enjoy driving in.

Flashy on the Outside Simple Within

The Mitsubishi Outlander features several flashy design features like a chrome grille, a fin antenna, and nice shiny wheels, but when you climb inside it looks more neutral and laid-back. The cabin is nice and clean with few buttons around. Sure there is a brand-new infotainment system for you to play with, but it’s pretty straightforward and one of the only control panels you’ll have to deal with. There are just a few buttons here and there throughout the cabin, making it a good option for owners that like to keep things nice and clean. The faux wood accents throughout help to give it more of a premium vibe as well.

Pretty Efficient

When you buy a 3-row SUV you likely aren’t expecting fuel efficient performance, but the Outlander surprises in this regard as well. When you’re out on the highway you can expect figures in the upper 20’s with a peak rating of 29 MPG. In the city it dips down to 24 MPG, but that’s still pretty decent for a vehicle of this size. If you’re willing to switch to the front-wheel drive variation, you’ll see a jump up to 27 MPG combined instead of 26, but you’ll probably also notice a dip in speed and traction, so it’s hard to say if that’s worth the mild improvement.

Plenty of Available Features

The Outlander doesn’t come packed with tech as standard, but if you want to load it up with features, that’s pretty easy to do. There are plenty of available options to choose from, and you can create some exciting combinations.

There are premium safety features like the blind spot assist system and an advanced camera setup that uses multiple cameras. There’s also a dual-zone climate control option and heated seats and a steering wheel to make winter driving a bit more comfortable and enjoyable.

Roomy for a Compact

The 2017 Outlander is still considered a compact crossover even though you can add another row of seating to bump it up to three rows overall. The crossover offers 128.2 cubic feet overall, enough to store plenty of camping gear, a month’s worth of groceries or just about anything else. This vehicle even works pretty well for hauling furniture most of the time.