Mitsubishi Set to Unveil its XM Concept Offering a Preview its MPV SUV

Mitsubishi is poised to release a brand new compact SUV to the Indonesian market and other select places around the world in October of 2017. The vehicle is to be known as the MPV and Mitsubishi just began releasing photos of the concept vehicle it’s all based on, the XM.

Mitsubishi XM Concept

A Futuristic Look

Just taking a look at the preview photo of the Mitsubishi XM concept the front end of the vehicle really stands out. It’s boxy with a curved, almost frowning, expression down below the grill. Strong angular designs and glinting headlamps all help to give the concept vehicle a futuristic look that stands out. The sides of the body are also highly detailed and strongly creased, providing a nice streamlined look. Overall the XM concept looks like a vehicle straight out of the future, and it’s an exciting direction for Mitsubishi to be headed in.

An Evolution of the eX Concept

The Mitsubishi MX concept is an evolutionary step from the eX concept that was shown off just last year. The two vehicles look very similar though the MX is likely to feature more modern tech updates, and it has a slightly more streamlined look overall.

What to Expect from the Interior

Though no images of the interior are currently available Mitsubishi has provided a brief description of what to expect inside the MX concept. It’s going to have a high-contrast interior with silver accents that give it a refined look. The vehicle will feature a dash that helps accentuate its wide body and ample interior space. The center console of the vehicle is also expected to be wider than normal, with a tall stance.

A Hybrid Setup is Likely

The eX concept vehicle can with an electric motor that helped produce an all-wheel drive setup overall, and you should expect something similar to that in this concept as well. While it’s not currently clear because there is no information, I’d expect a hybrid all-wheel drive setup on the vehicle when it’s finally released, making it a very capable driver on a range of terrain types.

See it This Month

The XM concept vehicle is set to be released at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto show later on this month. It will give everyone a look at the modern features that Mitsubishi plans to incorporate into its next SUV. Sure not every feature that you find in the concept vehicle is going to make it into the production MPV model, but many will.

Keep an eye out for the release of the MX concept later on this month. It will provide a refreshing look into what Mitsubishi is doing with its compact MPV SUV, and what you should expect from its vehicles in the future overall.

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