The 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X Final Edition is a Blast

Take one look at the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X Final Edition car and it’s obvious that it’s outdated, but that really doesn’t matter after you take the time to get to know the vehicle a bit more. But you have to push its limits while driving to truly get to know this car well.

2015 mitsubishi lancer final edition

A Special Edition Ending

The Final Edition version of the 2015 Evo X is limited edition vehicle and only 1,600 of these models are ever being produced, and each one carries a unique number letting you know which one you have. It might seem odd that a final edition of the car that’s selling near the tail end of 2016 is a 2015 model year vehicle, but Mitsubishi decided not to make a 2016 version of the EVO X at all. This special edition vehicle comes with special badging, it has upgraded horsepower to 303 HP, and it comes iwht some other enhancements like a cool painted engine and intercooler,

It Only Has 5 Gears

The very first surprise that you’ll encounter is that the car still only has 5 gears. Mitsubishi likely kept this old configuration because it makes the most of the turbo, but it feels a bit odd anyway. Reviewers remark about having the urge to shift up further than 5th while heading down the highway. It’s common to get annoyed with this limited gear range, but it performs nicely anyway.

Simple Within

The final edition of the EVO X doesn’t come with a bunch of fancy tech features. In fact it’s quite Spartan within. That’s not too surprising until you consider the price tag attached to the car. You’ll be paying high 30’s for one of these limited vehicles, which is quite a hefty sum for a vehicle using tech that’s more than 5 years old now. Overall tech enthusiasts are going to be quite disappointed, but anyone interested in a good ride, and standard knobs and buttons won’t mind much.

Easy to Modify

One of the best reasons to pick up the final edition of the EVO X is that it’s easy to modify. That’s right, most of the kits that have been sold over the years for the car will work on this model as well. That means that you can make it look any way that you like as long as you are willing to invest a bit more money into the vehicle. Sure it’s not going to be cheap, but the end results will be pretty awesome anyway.

Capable on Varying Terrain

The EVO X is a capable daily driver that’s designed to take on rough driving conditions with aplomb.  It has three different settings, Tarmac, Gravel and Snow. Depending on the driving conditions that you’re currently experiencing, the vehicle will adjust its AWD setup to handle these conditions nicely as long as you remember to change to the proper setting.

A Speed Enabler

It’s damned hard to follow the speed limits while driving around in the EVO X. That’s because the car does performance best, and it’s a whole lot of fun to take around sharp corners. You’re probably thinking, well the car only has 303 HP, and that may be true, but it doesn’t matter in the least! When you’re accelerating and the turbo kicks in and the car jumps into hyperdrive it’s impossible to keep a smile from cracking on your face. When you swerve around corners recklessly fast and you feel next to no body roll you’ll have the urge to press on even faster. The roads fly by in a blur, but you feel completely in control. That’s the power of the excellent engineering that make up the EVO X, and it’s one of the reasons that so many tuners are eager to get their hands on the vehicles.

Sure it’s dated, sure it isn’t the best looking or the most feature-rich. But when you’re behind the wheel flying around the road you aren’t going to care about any of those things. In that moment the EVO X is the best investment that you’ve ever made. That’s why it’s always going to have a following, and why so many people have already snagged the limited edition. Sure many are still floating around, but those that have it aren’t disappointed with their purchase at all. No their flying their massive spoilers with pride, cruising around back roads and driving just a tad too fast for comfort with a big toothed grin that won’t seem to go away.

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