Mitsubishi Long Range eX EV Concept

Mitsubishi recently showed of its eX concept vehicle at LA, and it’s an exciting project with a lot of promise. Not only does the electric vehicle offer an impressive driving range, but it also comes packed with artificial intelligence features and a system that’s designed to accommodate automated driving. Together, these features combine to create an enticing package that would surely appeal to buyers if it was released.


Long Range Cruising

The eX concept comes packed with a total cruising range of 248.5 miles, making it one of the most capable EVs to date, and an exciting project that hopefully culminates in an actual EV for sale from Mitsubishi in the future. If Mitsubishi is able to maintain that kind of range on a product sold to consumers, it would be a big hit and likely sell quite a few models. That’s far enough for most commuters to get to and from work comfortably, and it’s probably enough for quite a few family trips as well.

Powerful Launch

The full 140kW system delivers 94 HP to both the front and back wheels, creating a total of 188 HP of instant electric propulsion. The system offers near-instant power delivery, and some exciting acceleration figures that are sure to please any SUV enthusiast looking for a performance vehicle that knows how to deliver the power.

Included AI

Not only is the SUV powerful and designed for long-range performance, but it also comes with built-in artificial intelligence and advanced safety and convenience features. The advanced AI system built into the eX concept can look through your search history, and your general movements in the house and out in public and determine what your interests are. The system will then take that interests profile and use it to make recommendations about places to visit, and to send coupons to your smartphone as they are available.

The vehicle also includes a whole range of automated systems designed to help it drive on its own using cameras and sensors. This is to help prepare it for self-driving, whenever that is made possible.

While the Mitsubishi eX concept is just a concept, it’s an exciting possibility and something that the automaker is working toward. It will still be quite some time before a similar vehicle is sold to the public by the company, but it’s a big step in the right direction for enthusiasts looking for more capable electric vehicles and self-driving features.

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