Mitsubishi Leads the 3D Mapping Effort for Self Driving Cars in Japan

Mitsubishi is currently heading up a project to make much more effective autonomous vehicles around the world. The automaker is working to create an improved mapping system that will generate high definition maps for different areas of the world. In order to make this goal a reality, the automaker is teamed up with 14 other companies as well as the Japanese government.


Building High Quality Maps

Mitsubishi has a powerful tool designed to gather road data as a vehicle drives around. This little module captures valuable data about the road as it is traversed by a car or SUV. The little module can be outfitted to any type of vehicle available today, and it’s an exciting piece of technology that should help while developing a more effective system of maps.

The mapping module is capable of capturing road data down to an accuracy of 10 centimeters. It can be used at up to 40 KMH and is an effective way to build high quality maps of any location. To cover the most ground, many of the automakers are going to rely on the module to map different sections of Japan and create effective self-driving vehicles by 2020.

Mapping Out Japan for the Olympics

One of the major goals that Japan has for the 2020 Olympics is to have self-driving cars out on the road by the time that visitors begin to show up. Achieving this goal will make the country look technologically advanced and will give all the visitors something exciting to talk about. In an effort to ensure that the goal is met, the Japanese government have partnered up with 15 different automakers to work at advancing the goal. All the efforts by Mitsubishi is just a part of making that goal come true and creating more effective self-driving vehicles overall.

Mitsubishi has big plans to help create some of the very best 3D maps in the world. By capturing these high quality maps the automaker can help vehicles become autonomous and likely offer high quality self-driving vehicles to their customers at the same time. It’s an exciting idea and something that we can’t help but root for.

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