The 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander is a Top Safety Pick Plus for Good Reason

Safety is a big deal when it comes to SUVs and crossovers. That’s why most families tend to pick out the vehicles that are named the safest in their respective categories. According to the IIHS (International Institute for Highway Safety) one of the top picks in 2017 is likely to be the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander, because the vehicle received the Top Safety Pick+ designation for the fourth year in a row.


What does Top Safety Pick+ Mean?

When the IIHS tests out vehicles they get one of two designations if they are deemed leaders in safety. They can either be named Top Safety Picks, which is a good rating, or they can be named Top Safety Pick+ models, which is like an excellent designation.

For the Outlander to receive the highest designation for four years in a row, that really says something positive about the crossover that’s chosen regularly by families around the country. That means that the car was able to earn top marks in five different crash tests that all try out different aspects of the vehicle to make sure it excels at preventing accidents and holding up when they do occur.

Noteworthy Safety Features

The 2o17 Mitsubishi Outlander is known for being built with a durable shell that holds up well in crashes, but it comes with several other noteworthy safety features as well, especially if you spring for one of the higher-end safety models.

The SUV comes equipped with a anti-lock brakes as well as an electronic brake-force distribution system that helps ensure that braking is smooth and reliable during intense stopping. The crossover comes with hill-start assist to prevent backward rolling, and it features active stability control and traction control logic to keep it stable in less than ideal driving conditions.

Finally the Outlander comes with a bunch of crash mitigation systems if you’re willing to pick up the SEL model. It features a lane departure system and pedestrian detection system that help you remain aware of your surroundings. The car also comes with a forward collision mitigation system that can reduce forward impacts or prevent them entirely even when you don’t notice that car slow down up ahead.

Overall the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander is one of the safest crossovers out on the road today. It’s a good solid option if you are looking for a vehicle to keep your family safe in a range of driving conditions. It also happens to be a good value and pretty nice to look at, making it a solid all-around vehicle for most families.


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