The 2017 Outlander Sport Comes with an All New Trim Level

The latest Outlander Sport is very similar to the outgoing model, with just a few changes here and there. One of the biggest updates to the Sport is the Limited Edition trim that’s being offered. This is a middle of the road trim level that’s between the ES and SE trims. It offers some good quality features, and is a good option for buyers looking for more than what the ES offers but that don’t want to pay SE prices. The vehicle also comes packed with an improved media setup that offers added support for apps and special features.


What LE Trim Comes with?

The Limited Edition trim comes with HID headlamps and fog lights for enhanced visibility when driving in dim conditions. It’s fitted with black mirrors, black 18-inch alloy wheels and an alloy fuel door.

The Limited Edition comes packed with a 148 HP 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine coupled with a CVT for smooth performance. It’s powerful enough to offer good solid acceleration and is fun to drive around. If the base performance isn’t enough, it’s possible to upgrade to a 2.4 liter engine with 168 HP instead for a bit more kick.

When you climb inside the LE there’s attractive black fabric with red accenting stitching. A set of aluminum pedals give the car a racing look, and the front seats are heated for added comfort on chilly mornings. The car also comes with support for both Android Auto and Apply Carplay, meaning that it’s easy to enjoy a good media experience with the vehicle.

Enjoy a Cashback Offer

Mitsubishi is currently offering a $1,500 cash back offer for the 2017 Outlander Sport that some buyers are benefitting from. Be sure to ask about it before buying the vehicle yourself. The incentive could help lower the cost of the vehicle even more, making it a better value than it already is.

The Outlander Sport certainly isn’t for everyone, but the 2017 version of the vehicle comes with plenty of improvements and the LE version packs in some nice features that won’t cost you too much to access.


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