The 2017 Lancer Evo Now Comes with Apple CarPlay

For all you Apple owners out there, there’s a reason to rejoice concerning the new Lancer Evolution. It’s actually coming with a trim model that will make it possible to get Apple CarPlay in the vehicle so you can take advantage of all the connectivity. You just have to go for the Lancer Limited Edition or the trim level just above the base. It’s actually pretty affordable and is a good investment if you want the extras without paying a fortune for them.

Enjoy the Tech Goodies

By going for the Limited Edition Lancer Evo you get both Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto, both firsts for the Lancer. Up until now if you wanted those two tech goodies you had to invest in the Mirage or the Outlander, which did nothing for the car guys out there looking for an option for the Lancer. The 6.5” infotainment unit solves all of those issues and opens up a whole new set of features for 2017 Lancer owners.

Not only does the special trim level on the Lancer bring tech goodies, but it comes with some aesthetic enhancements such as badging and an upscale interior, and it does all this at an affordable price point as well.

The upscale trim model comes with a bunch of black accents that really add to the aggression factor. It features the roof, fender trim, door mirrors, grill trim and the wheels themselves are all painted black, which looks pretty cool if you ask us.

A Low Cost Upgrade

If you decide that you’re interested in the Lancer EVO Limited Edition, you’ll only have to pay about $2,000 more than you would for the base model. That means you’ll still be under 20k on the purchase, making it very affordable for most new car buyers. You can pick up a better version of the Lancer with more tech, and you’ll be happy to report that the price still comes in lower than many other mid-sized sedans on the market today.

The Limited Edition Lancer EVO isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking at the base model you should strongly consider spending the extra two grand for the next trim level up, because you get quite a lot for your money.


The Last Mitsubishi Lancer Just Sold and You Won’t Believe for How Much

We already mentioned that there were just a few Mitsubishi Lancer EVO vehicles still in circulation, and to commemorate the ending of an era for Mitsubishi, the automaker produced a set of Final Edition Lancer EVO vehicles to be sold off. The very first vehicle in the set went for a cool $46,200, which all went straight to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Well, the time has come for the very last of the Final Edition EVOs to sell off, and it went for quite a sum.

2015 Lancer Evolution Final Edition
2015 Lancer Evolution Final Edition

The Final Price

The last of the new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution vehicles sold at an online auction for a total price of $76,400. The lucky owner has the very last Lancer Evolution to ever sell, and will likely cherish the vehicle for many years.

The proceeds from that auction will go to aid two different charities, showing just how much Mitsubishi cares about community activism.

Donating to Charity

The proceeds from the auction of the last Lancer EVO Final Edition car will go to benefit two different charities. Half the money is going to the Feeding America Riverside/ San Bernardino food bank, and the other half will go to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County. The donations should help to feed a lot of people throughout California, and that’s something to be thankful for.

The Lancer EVO Final Edition

The Lancer EVO Final Edition is a more potent version of the standard Lancer Evolution. This vehicle has a total of 291 HP and 300 lb.-ft. of torque. It’s more aggressively tuned and offers a lot of fun performance to drivers interested in going fast and having fun. A small selection of these vehicles were produced for fans of the Mitsubishi Lancer, and they’re now all sold off. It’s possible that you can pick up a used one today, but don’t expect to pay the retail price for the vehicle. Instead it will go for a handsome fee above the original price.

The Mitsubishi Lancer was a cool car for sure, but clearing it out of the way will just make space for the automaker to produce new vehicles for buyers to ooh and aww over.

The Final Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution sells on Ebay for charity

Well it’s been a fun ride, but the Lancer Evolution is coming to an end according to Mitsubishi, and it isn’t getting a replacement at all. That’s right, this sporty and fun sedan is finally stepping down, and loyal fans will have the chance to pick up one last new car before the only thing that is left are used vehicles.


Get it on Ebay

From now until September 15th the 1600th Final Edition Evo will be on sale by Mitsubishi at auction on Ebay Autos. The vehicle comes with a few nice trim and tech upgrades, but is pretty much the same as the other Final Edition Lancer Evolution vehicles.

It comes fitted with a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces a whopping 303 HP. It can travel from 0 to 60 in just 4.4 seconds and is pretty impressive on and off the track. The car comes with all-wheel drive and it’s a blast to drive around.

Aging Tech

The only real downside to the Lancer Evo is that it’s relying on aging technology. The vehicle is fitted with tech that’s about a decade old now,  which means that it isn’t too impressive by today’s standards. Instead it seems a bit dated and will likely have you longing for a more tech-savvy option if you are into all that technology stuff.

The final EVO is going to be sold off for charity and one loyal fan is probably going to pay far too much for the right to own it. It’s an exciting opportunity, and we’ll all have to tune in to find out how much the sporty Lancer sells for.

The 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X Final Edition is a Blast

Take one look at the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X Final Edition car and it’s obvious that it’s outdated, but that really doesn’t matter after you take the time to get to know the vehicle a bit more. But you have to push its limits while driving to truly get to know this car well.

2015 mitsubishi lancer final edition

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