The New Eclipse Crossover is Just the Start

The Mitsubishi Eclipse crossover that we talked about earlier this month, could be the start of a new chapter at Mitsubishi according to Hiroshi Yamauchi, the C&D director for Mitsubishi. Not only does the Eclipse cross represent an exciting new step for the company with a performance crossover, it could also open up the door for more models in the future. That’s right, if the Eclipse does well, it’s possible that Mitsubishi will release additional models in the future, and there are some pretty cool ideas thaht they’ve been bouncing around already.

More Power and Racing Performance

The Ralliart brand is dying down a bit, but there are still some high-performance vehicles produced and sold by Mitsubishi under the Ralliart brand. In the future it’s possible that a Ralliart Exclipse crossover will be sold to the public. It would be built from more durable components and fitted with a more powerful engine. The Ralliart setup and emphasis on power and strength would go very well with the Eclipse crossover, making an even more compelling vehicle.

The 3 Door Cross

Another possible model that Yamauchi expressed an interest in releasing was a 3-door version of the eclipse crossover, on top of the standard 5-door version. It would be more compact and focus more on performance than the larger five-door model. It’s something that Yamauchi is very optimistic about, but also something that could only be done if the Eclipse crossover sells in very high numbers. If the crossover sells in high numbers, it’s likely that a few different models will spawn from it, giving you additional exciting options to choose from, and making it possible to get a more niche object than you could have in the very beginning.

While the company is open to the idea of new variants of the crossover, and even excited at future possibilities, leaders remain very reserved about potential future steps that they should take. If you’ve been watching the Eclipse crossover intently, but you wish it was more powerful or smaller, it’s possible that you’ll get your wish later on down the road, you just have to be patient and hope that it sells well to the general public.